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About Us

ISO 9001 Certified Company Incorporated in 1995

Class C Components is a customer focused Industrial Distributor who specializes in Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs and Supply Chain solutions for OEM’s and sub-contract manufacturers. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is committed to exceeding our customer’s service expectations.

100% of our business is retaining your customers by not running you out of Class C parts.

If your interested in improving your Supply Chain Process contact us.

Distribution experts in creating, designing, implementing and servicing Vendor Managed Inventory programs that include:

Fasteners: Metric / Nylon / Pre-applied patch / RoHS Compliant / Stainless / Steel / Zinc

Secondary Process Specialists: painted heads, platings and coatings

We utilize cutting edge data collection software for VMI customers via one device(camera, scanner, mobile phone) with the fastest product scanning order transmission speed from your facility to our facility. Transmitted data assists in creating customer friendly usage reports.

VMI programs reduce: inventory – procurement – purchasing – sourcing – receiving – accounting and freight costs.

Deliver dock to dock, dock to stock or via VMI programs to OEM and sub-contract manufacturers throughout the United States.

On-site services include: Fastener and Parts Kitting Department / Custom Labeling and Packaging / Engineering and Procurement Sourcing Support.

We distribute hundreds of Manufacturers.

Inventory Management Specialists, On-Site Parts Kitting Department / Custom Packaging, Fastener and Assembly Components, Supply Chain Solutions

  • Promote from within the Organization
  • Quality: ISO 9001:2008 Certification in June of 2010
  • 100% product traceability to the Manufacturer, Lot and Order Origin
  • Climate Controlled Warehouse
  • Continuous Inventory Cycle Counting
  • Constant Stock Rotations and Shelf Life Evaluations
  • On-going investments in hardware, software and technology to streamline data and transaction costs from our facility to our customers business
  • Coordinate Product Training with Manufacturers

Class C Components continually invests in our corporation and employees to mutually benefit the company and our most important ally our customer.

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